Our other hotels

We are a family-owned private company. We also operate hotels at three other locations, two in Northern Ostrobothnia and one in the Kainuu region in eastern Finland. 

The hotels are the cozy Hotel Käenpesä in Ylivieska, the warm-hearted Hotel Pohjankievari in Kempele and Hotel Kajaani surrounded by nature in Kajaani.

All our hotels listen and pay attention to the wishes and needs of our customers. We want to offer our guests a pleasant stay and we do our best for the comfort and satisfaction of our customers. We take good care of our employees, follow responsible practices, and constantly work on developing our concept and increasing comfort. It is a matter of heart that our businesses bring employment and tourism to our locations.

Welcome to stay at our hotels. We are here for you, every day of the year!

Hotel Käenpesä in Ylivieska

Hotel Käenpesä is centrally located in the city of Ylivieska. You can stay in Deluxe or Family rooms with own sauna, or in Superior, Standard or Economy rooms. All room rates include a plentiful breakfast and evening sauna. You will find the popular restaurant Pikkuveli in the same building.

Here you can enjoy delicious à la carte dishes made from local ingredients from the area. Other services are the Irish style Kukkuu bar, meeting services and sauna departments for private use.

Read more and book: www.hotellikaenpesa.fi

Hotel Pohjankievari in Kempele, Oulu

You will find the warm-hearted Hotel Pohjankievari close to Oulu Airport. This is the perfect place to stay when you are on the road. You can stay in a single room, double room, family room or in an apartment with kitchen for four or six persons. The room and apartment rates include breakfast and evening sauna. Other services of the hotel are restaurant and meeting services.

Next door you will also find the cozy and well equipped Kievarihovi apartments. These individually decorated apartments have a living room with kitchenette, bathroom, own sauna and terrace. 

Some of the apartments have a separate bedroom with a double bed. As guest you can enjoy the breakfast of Hotel Pohjankievari next door at reduced prices. You also have the possibility to book a modern apartment in the city centre of Oulu. Here you will find our contemporary furnished flats: Apartment Pohjanpoika for four persons and Apartment Pohjantähti for five persons.

Read more and book: www.hotellipohjankievari.fi

Hotel Kajaani in Kajaani

Hotel Kajaani, named after the city, serves business and leisure travelers in a soothing natural enviroment. Although located in a peaceful area, all the city’s services are within walking distance. The hotel offers accommodation from single rooms to family rooms, even one Lönnrot apartment for four persons, with own small kitchen, living room, separate bedrooms and bathroom with sauna. All room rates include breakfast, evening sauna and parking. Other services are pub, meeting rooms and river sauna Elias for private use. 

You will also find private wellness treatment professionals in the hotel building: Barber shop Kuukkeli, Education and Wellbeing Services by Alexandra Nevalainen, Olivia Beauty, Olga Beauty Brows and a Solarium.

Read more and book: www.hotellikajaani.fi